What is Martial Arts Treatment & Rehabilitation

At TRP Physio we understand that Martial Arts is a growing activity which is undertaken equally by both sexes and a variety of ages. It has become ever more popular due to the TV exposer of UFC, MMA, K1, Boxing, Fencing and the Olympics.

Martial Arts combines combat, self defence, sparing, use of weaponry, ground fighting, power, speed and dynamic movements. It involves advanced skills and applies high stresses to the body when participating any martial arts style. Due to this all martial artist are at high risk of injury. Over the past 5 years there has been an increase of martial artists attending private physiotherapy due to the increased participation of people in a variety of martial arts.

Common Martial Arts injuries

  • Soft tissue damage - injury to ligaments, tendons and muscles. A common injury is plantar fasciitis, which is inflammation or overstretching of the plantar fascia ligament that runs along the sole of the foot.
  • Strains - injury to muscle or tendon. For example, a muscle may tear from the rapid stop that occurs when you make contact with an opponent or object.
  • Knee injuries - caused by the bent-knee stance typical of most martial arts and the use of forceful kicks that can injure the joint if not done properly.
  • Fractures - particularly of the hand, finger, foot and toe.
  • Dislocations - occur mainly of the shoulder, due to falls and excessive pressure during arm locks.
  • Overuse injuries - any part of the body can be injured by sheer repetition of movement.
  • Skin damage - such as cuts and bruises. This is due to kicks, punches or weaponry use.

How do we treat Martial Arts injuries?

Injury Assessment

First stage we will asses the injury and the severity of it and then to understand the mechanics of the injury. From this information we will be able to formulate a plan to treat the injury with hands on therapy, a list of treatments can be seen on our physiotherapy page.


Second stage is to understand the martial art you participate in and what level.  Next, we asses your punch, kick, strike, grapple and/or lock, to analyse how your technique and mechanical movement may have contributed towards your injury. Advise is then prescribed to enhance you technique, while limiting the risk of injury. We will then prescribe a tailored rehabilitation program devised especially for you, your injury and your martial arts.


Third stage we will explore other areas that may have contributed to your injury such as lifestyle, work or posture. At this stage we aim to prevent re-injury.

17 Years of Martial Arts Experience

Our clinical director Kam Chana has over 17 years of Martial Arts experience in the Chinese art of Shaolin Kung Fu, with 11 years of teaching the art to students. This art involves both modern day street self defense and traditional concepts of Shaolin Kung Fu, which includes weaponry and the imitation of two animals. White crane and Tiger, Leopard fist.

Due to the vast experience in Martial Arts that Kam Chana has, alongside the physiotherapy knowledge, we recommend any martial arts injury to be seen by Kam Chana. You can book a FREE consultation.


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