A New Physiotherapist in West London

TRP Physio has been set up by Mr Kam Chana who is qualified Physiotherapist, Sports Therapist and a Martial Arts instructor. Kam Chana has previously worked for other private physiotherapy company’s as a lead practitioner and now has taken the decision to set a company which concentrates on quality. As seen in other private physiotherapy companies there is a big variance from practitioner to practitioner with the quality they provide. Whether it is the customer service or the treatment they provide.¬† It becomes ‘pot luck’ for a patient to have an all round good quality physiotherapist.

TRP Physio has been developed to focus on quality from the moment the patient walks into the clinic and concentrates on getting patients better and aims help achieve their goals. TRP Physio stands for Treat, Rehabilitate and Prevent. Which is a three stage physiotherapy process. Kam Chana has been using this method of treating a majority of his patients and has found that the three stage physiotherapy approach works very well and which has a high success rate. It limits patients returning¬† back to physiotherapy for the same problem or injury. Kam Chana’s success of treating patients can be read online, from reviews left by patients. Review’s can be read on our website, TRP Physio facebook, google review, (other companies websites), freeindex and zesty.

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